Happy new year! May this be a happy and fruitful year.

Happy new year ! May this be a happy and fruitful year for you !

It’s the beginning of 2022. I love “Osechi”(おせち) which is traditional Japanese foods on New year’s day, but last night I had too much dinner so I couldn’t have it well and It was bad start … so I took a walk around my parents house for a change, it was really good weather for a walk, there was very little breeze and without a cloud in the blue sky. I was really glad it was nice and the sunny made my day brighter !

I hope we will spend wonderful days such as bright sunny day.


I bought a new guitar amp cabinet today

When I was child, my parents or other people said that if you spend a lot of money on the beginning of the new year, the money slipped right through your hand … Yes, I spent about 40,000 yen today but is there any problem ? lol

The guitar amp cabinet which I bought on the internet is Quilter / BLOCKDOCK 10TC. I already have guitar amp head Quilter / 101-REVERB and I use it with ZT amp LunchBox cab, I played some jazz standard songs with 101-REVERB and LunchBox cab for the last Christmas eve event.

101-REVERB and LunchBox cab are very easy to carry and also make good sound, but I want more lower sound and sometimes LunchBox cab and OD/Dist pedals don’t go well I guess. So I want to try Quilter / BLOCKDOCK 10TC. To be honest, I was really wondering whether to buy it during last year.

Soundhouse which is online shop in Japan is still New years holidays, so Quilter / BLOCKDOCK 10TC will be shipped on the January 4th. I can’t wait to get it !

I have plant to perform 3 songs on February 19th so I’ll use Quilter / 101-REVERB and BLOCKDOCK 10TC for the event, and I might review about BLOCKDOCK 10TC after using it for the event.

I’ll visit a shrine another day

Usually Japanese visit s shrine or temple to praying or wishing prosperity safety, and good health between January 1-3, but after corona, I want to avoid crowded spaces by putting off another day. To be honest, I don’t like crowded so I prefer to go there another day.

I had too much “Osechi” …

I don’t often eat too much foods, but today there were many delicious foods and I had too much “Osechi”. It makes me fat ! I can’t eat anymore… but it was really good weather for a walk today so I took a walk three times. It was really wonderful day !

In the end

I bought a guitar amp cab, I had delicious foods, I took a walk three times and the sunny made my day brighter. It was really good day to kick off the new year. I’ll practice guitar after finished writing this blog. I’m happy I have many fun things to do.

Thanks for coming my blog. May this be a happy and fruitful year for you.


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