Happy new year! May this be a happy and fruitful year.

Happy new year ! May this be a happy and fruitful year for you !

It’s the beginning of 2022. I love “Osechi”(おせち) which is traditional Japanese foods on New year’s day, but last night I had too much dinner so I couldn’t have it well and It was bad start … so I took a walk around my parents house for a change, it was really good weather for a walk, there was very little breeze and without a cloud in the blue sky. I was really glad it was nice and the sunny made my day brighter !

I hope we will spend wonderful days such as bright sunny day.

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I got Menatone “Red Snapper 20th Anniversary”

I love BJFe , and also Menatone. And I found menatone “Red Snapper” which is PtoP (Point to point hand wired build) on an online auction in Japan, so I got it.

It’s 20th anniversary model of Red Snapper, and be faithfully reproduced be early design of Red Snapper.

The sentence below is from home page of Menatone .

This is the circuit that started it all for Menatone.  Although the Menatone “Red” pedal launched in 1996 it was not until NAMM show of 1998 that the Red Snapper made its debut.  This Custom Shop version is point to point wired with the same parts as the original, and has the same font and fish graphic.

“I got Menatone “Red Snapper 20th Anniversary”” の続きを読む