About (English)

Hi, I’m Mizuki. Thanks for coming to my site ! I write blog about my musical instruments, equipments, or other things.

About me

I’m guitarist. I often use electric guitar but I use acoustic guitar too when I play with vocalist as duo. I started to play guitar when I was junior high school, so I have been playing guitar for about 21 years (From 2000 to 2021) … wow to be honest I never thought about how long I play guitar, I was really surprised !! I really love playing guitar. 

When I started playing guitar I often play Hard rock or Heavy metal, but after 5 or 6 years I graduated from high school and move to Tokyo, then I learn how to play jazz and pops, funk. (From 2006 to 2013)

From 2014 to now, I move back to hometown and got job. Before corona, I went to jazz session or other session, and I played foreign music with vocalist as duo but … after corona we can’t perform freely, so I’m creating home recoding space.

About blog

I tend to write review about guitar, effector, or other equipments which I bought, but I want to write about my musical activities, performance, or other daily events. In addition, I’m studying english so I want to try writing something in English.

In the future 

I want to post videos which I play something songs, or sound samples which I recorded little by little. I hope corona will goes away soon and we can perform freely. Thanks for coming my site!